Crying Babies.


Why does our child cry so extremely? We have done everything we can to make him feel comfortable! 

These are the thoughts that some desperate parents have after they carried their dearly loved child, well-fed and freshly diapered, around for an entire night. All babies cry, but some cry more than others and it can be difficult to calm them down. Even if the parents have done everything they possibly can to satisfy the baby's needs. Sometimes, the crying doesn't stop for hours and finds its peak especially in the evening hours.

The causes can be very diverse and vary from simple bloating to allergie s, sensory overload, stress and an inappropriate sleeping environment to the KISS syndrome and other diseases. Sometimes, even simple aids and a change in the parent's approach might help, but sometimes some detective work is required to find the cause.

There are different places and facilities in Berlin that offer advice and support to families with crying babies and babies with sleeping and feeding problems. Parents of babies with regulation disorders can learn how to interpret the behavior of their baby correctly. The baby shall be supported with the help of calming measures to find his balance again.

There are educated midwives in this area. If interested, please contact the Berlin Midwives Association. Otherwise, you can ask your midwife for an existing service, or learn more on our link list.

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